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Would you like Sleepytroll to be able to rock the crib as well? Look no further!

With the help of the Bed Adapter and the Bed Rocker Feet, Sleepytroll turns the crib into a soothing, rocking bed for your little one. Let Sleepytroll rock your little one to sleep at night, or turn on Sensor Mode to let Sleepytroll help your little one bridge those sleep cycles during (rocks for 3 minutes when sound or movement is detected). For more information, please see our FAQs.


Please note that the Bed Rocker Feet needs to be screwed in to the wooden legs of the crib, and that the crib cannot weigh more than 48,5 lbs (excluding bedding, mattress and baby). Cribs heavier than this will not give enough movement and will put excess strain on the Sleepytroll's motor.

The Bed Adaptor needs to be mounted on the side of the crib (preferably in the middel of the long side) onto flat edges to get the correct grip. Please also make sure Sleepytroll is mounted tight and vertical, with the sensors (at the back of the Sleepytroll) towards the baby.

Crib Bundle includes:

1 x Sleepytroll Bed Adapter
1 x Allan Wrench
1 x Set of 4 Bed Rocker Feet
1 x Set of 4 Screws

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Want to use it for cribs?

Make sure to check out our attachments that allows you to use the Sleepytroll on your crib.

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Bed Rocker Feet
Bed Adapter
Bed Rocker FeetBed Rocker Feet
Bed Rocker Feet
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Bed AdapterBed Adapter
Bed Adapter
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What's included

With the purchase of a Sleepytroll baby rocker you will get

1 x Sleepytroll smart Baby Rocker

1 x International charger

1 x User guide

We take safety seriously

Sleepytroll is safety tested by TÜV, one of the world’s leading testing service providers.

Complies with CE and FCC regulations regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields and is ROHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. Sleepytroll uses safe NiMH batteries (not lithium). Sleepytroll can safely be taken on a plane.

Easy to use

Transform your stroller into a rocking oasis for your little one with Sleepytroll baby rocker. Thanks to the integrated strap, you can easily mount it onto any stroller, providing your baby with a comfortable and soothing rocking motion.

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Our story

Let our founder Ståle tell you about how he invented Sleepytroll to help him in his day-to-day life as a father of three.

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Additional info


74 x 90 x 167mm




Rehargable NiMh (Can be brought on airplanes)

IP rating

IPX2 - Light rain / Showers

Plug types included

International: US, UK, AUS, EU

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