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REQUIRES BED ROCKER FEET: Bed Rocker Feet must be installed on most cribs in order for it to be rocked by Sleepytroll.

Babies sleep better with a rocking motion, and with the Sleepytroll Bed Adapter you can use Sleepytroll Baby Rocker on the crib. In combination with the Sleepytroll Bed Rocker Feet you can turn your crib into a cradle and let Sleepytroll do the rocking.

    FCC CE   Designed in Scandinavia. Patented Globally.

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    Let our founder Ståle tell you about how he invented Sleepytroll to help him in his
    day-to-day life as a father of three.

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    Aleksandra Laka

    Bed Adapter

    shelby Ramirez
    Stopped working after 1 month

    Was great!! Loved it! Stopped working after about 1 month though.

    Hi Shelby.

    We are very happy that you liked the product initially, but as we explained in our email to you when you contacted us, you have been using it on a crib that is twice as heavy as the maximum limit for the Bed Rocker Feet. This limit is written both on our product site, the box and in the manual, so we are not sure just how we could be more clear, but if you have a suggestion we are very open to hearing it. We really do not want customers to purchase a Sleepytroll with accessories if it will not work on their selected items.

    When using the Bed Rocker Feet on a crib that is too heavy it will compress them too much, making it harder for the Sleepytroll to rock the crib. This way it will put too much strain on the motor, which is what happened in your case, and the Sleepytroll will stop working.

    Feel free to write us back on our offer that our customer service made :)

    Best regards,

    John Franklin

    This product is so clutch. It memics rocking the baby even while talking a walk. Its calming and soothing for the baby and lets be real who doesn't love being rocked to sleep?

    Manuel Ramos Gullon
    Awesome device supe useful

    Using it makes the night day!. Super useful device to ensure calm at home with the baby cries. Super fast go to sleep and long lasting sleeping time then when not using .
    Congrats for such top idea

    Ejona Sauli
    Great but has room for improvement

    I use Sleepytroll for the bed mostly when I need help to soothe my baby. It works very well for us.
    The big disadvantage that I see is that the device doesn’t work while charging. And the second inconvenience is that the battery life is not too long. I have to charge almost daily.