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Does your baby calm down from rocking movements? Or have you ever gotten cramps from bouncing your regular bouncer seat with your foot to keep your baby settled?

Let Sleepytroll lend a foot! Sleepytroll Bouncer Adapter easily attaches to your bouncer seat and rocks your little one to sleep –or simply keeps your baby settled when you are showering, making dinner, or playing with the siblings.

No need for expensive automatic bouncers, with the help of Sleepytroll Baby Rocker and the Bouncer Adapter.

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Customer Reviews

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Jason Royston
Exactly as advertised

Works fabulously on the little bouncer.


Enjoy the calm little one.

Anne from Sleepytroll

James Roberts
Doesn’t work for ****.


Hi James, and sorry for the late reply.

Would you mind explaining a little bit further? We would be more than happy to help if you send us an email at We have over 70.000 happy parents (and babies) so it sounds like something might have gone wrong in your case?

We would love to try to fix the issue if you pop us an email, as I cannot find anything in our customer service system with your name.

Best regards,

Trying to return

No teplies

Hi Joey,

I looked quickly and it seems like you have already been in touch with our support team. From what I can see you have gotten the return labels needed. If you are encountering any issues with your return please feel free to reach out to support.

Best regards,
Preben from Sleepytroll

Nicholas Hamlett
Great Device

Amazing gadget that I would recommend to anyone with a child. My only gripe is that the device only moves side to side and I wish it went up and down as well. My baby doesn’t always respond well to side to side vs up and down.